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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Deaf Hearing Chat on iPhone, iPod, iPad !

Deaf  Hearing Chat on  iPhone, iPod, iPad !

Deaf Hearing Chat system (iOS version)
Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat ” application on the first device (which will be used by a deaf person). 
Install the “Deaf-Hearing Chat” application on the second device (which will be used by a hearing person). 
Run the applications on both devices and link the devices via Bluetooth. 
A hearing person speaks into the phone, the application transforms the speech into a text message and sends it to the device used by a deaf person. You can also exchange text messages between the devices. 
The complex is very convenient for regular communication in families with a deaf family member. Each message is followed by vibration (iPhone), so you can always call a deaf person, address him / her. 
The complex may also be used by a deaf person to communicate with hearing people in a shop, a hospital, a bank, etc. In this case, a deaf person should have both devices with him / her and pass a device with a pre-installed “Deaf Hearing Chat” application to a hearing manager or consultant to start communication at any time. 

The application Deaf-Hearing Chat , enables a hearing person to type text messages on a virtual keyboard or using voice input (the button “Voice Input” or the button "Say and Send" ). You need an Internet access for voice input. To send a message to second device you should press the button “Send”. The messages, received from the second device, are shown on the display. 

iPhone  4 screen:

 iPad  screen:

iPhone (iPod) 5 screen: