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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

User review from Google Play (Deaf-Hearing Chat Device-H)

William - 22 July 2012 - LG Optimus One with version 2
Works great.
Excellent app for its intended purpose. My father who is 84 has been deaf for several years. Until I found this app I have been communicating either with paper and pencil or email. I have tried other chat apps but their font size were small and hard to read. This afternoon I spent 2 hours talking with my father. I installed this app (H) on an old phone (android 2.2). I installed the "D" app on my father's tablet (Android 4.0). Using the voice input (voice to text) I would speak into phone and then press send to transmit the resulting text to my Dad's tablet. He found the font size easy to read. Since it uses Bluetooth it is much faster than sms or email. Also the large text input button was much easier for my 85 year old mother to find with her bad eyes. I installed this app on an old non-contract phone . I did not activate the phones and just use my father's WIFI. Internet connectivity is need for voice to text. For areas WIFI is not available 3G or 4G is need for voice to text. I will install the H app on my activated phone in the future. $4 is nothing to be able to take my Dad to dinner and "talk" to him. The developer of this app gave me outstanding customer service.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My dear son Misha and me.

1. My son Misha is 7 years old.

2. When Misha was two he got ill and after the disease he completely lost his hearing.

3. To develop Misha’s abilities we used cards which denoted certain objects or actions.
4. Misha wasn’t interested in the cards, so his vocabulary remained very poor. All his communication with us came down to the simplest gestures.

5. All that changed with a new complex for communication between the deaf and hearing people, consisting of two Android-devices.

6. This complex includes such modern achievements, as:
- speech recognition and translation of voice messages into text;
- possibility to pronounce messages;
- free messaging, by means of Bluetooth;
- fast typing on a virtual keyboard;
- convenient large font.
7. Using this complex we communicate with Misha every day.
8. Misha always carries his phone in a special pocket. We can address Misha at any moment, because every message is followed by vibration.

9. Misha’s progress is really fantastic. He memorizes dozens of new words every month. It’s not bad, you see, for the seven-year-old boy, who is completely deaf.

10. Now Misha is greatly interested in learning words. He opens books and looks for familiar words. He’s proud of every familiar word he found.
11. As if we teach Misha to speak and he really speaks to us with the help of the complex.
12. If there is a deaf child in your family and you care about his intellectual growth and his communication with you, you really ought to have such a complex and not to lose valuable time.
13. If you doubt just try the complex. It’s a real miracle of communication. If at the present moment you don’t have the second Android-device ask your relatives, friends or acquaintances to give it to you for a while, in order to test the complex.
14. The cost of the complex is very low. If the cost is still high for you, you can buy “secondhand” Android-devices in a commission shop or at an auction. The cost of applications is so low, that is available to everyone in any country of the world. Those fantastic opportunities which the complex will give to your child millions of times will cover the expenses.
15. Many people just don’t know that there is such an opportunity for communication. If you are reading this and you know parents of deaf children, share this information with them. Every single day is important for the children’s development!
16. Buying applications for the complex you’re contributing to rehabilitation of the deaf and helping them to adapt to the modern world of hearing people.

The exchange of messages is possible in any language supported by your Android-devices. Such complex can be used in any country. All messages between the devices free of charge.

download applications for device-D and Device-H from Google Play

If you have any questions, please ask in comments.